Select Board

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Select Board - Roger Fuller, Chair; Robert Recos, Vice-Chair; Patricia Colson-Montgomery, Clerk

The three elected members of the Select Board are the executive officials of the Town.  Their duties are many and varied, including the responsibility for day to day Town operations.  Generally, they oversee and coordinate most aspects of Town government and carry out the decisions of Town Meeting.  Specifically, they oversee all budget requests and must authorize all bill payments, authorize temporary and permanent borrowings, appoint and supervise Town employees, and negotiate contracts and purchasing agreements.  The Board under its authority also issues licenses for businesses and special events requiring permits and hears and acts upon requests and concerns from Town residents regarding Town services.  They also appoint replacements to fill vacancies in Town offices, and can create new positions as described under state law.  They make decisions about Town participation in state, county and federal programs, are responsible for assembling the warrant for Town meeting, and have the power to call a special Town Meeting at any time.  In addition to these responsibilities, the Select Board represents the Town of Chesterfield in governmental matters outside of Town.

The Select Board meets every other Monday at 4:00 PM.  Click on the Calendar / Agendas tab on the top bar to see the current meeting schedule.


Special or "One Day" licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages are available to the responsible event manager of any activity conducted by an organization which, in the opinion of the Town of Chesterfield Select Board, complies with all State and local requirements and demonstrates satisfactorily that granting of the license is in the best interest of the Town of Chesterfield.

The attached application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.  There is a $100 fee for the first day and $50 for each additional consecutive day.

Download this file (2016 APPLICATION FOR ONE DAY LIQUOR LICENSE.pdf)2016 APPLICATION FOR ONE DAY LIQUOR LICENSE.pdf[Application for One Day Liquor License]637 kB
Download this file (Special One Day Alcohol License Policy.pdf)Special One Day Alcohol License Policy.pdf[Special One Day Alcohol License Policy]119 kB