Tree Removal by Eversource

Eversource Power Co. will be clearing trees from the power lines.  The trees are being removed, not trimmed.  The clearing is to help prevent power outages now and in the future.  Their contracted tree removal company will be working on several roads in Town.  Many of the trees are on private property and about 60% are in the Town’s right of way.  The private trees are permissioned by the homeowners and are not subject to Town oversight.  While all Town trees are subject to review and discussion by the Tree Warden, all trees deemed hazardous by the Tree Warden are permissioned solely by the Tree Warden and any non-hazardous trees are open to discussion by any concerned residents with the Tree Warden. 

Work will begin on the following roadways:  Bagg, Bates, Bisbee, Bissell, Bryant, Curtis Road, Curtis Lane, Damon Pond, East, Fuller, Goose Lane, Indian Hollow, Munson, North, Old Chesterfield, Pynchon, Smith, Sugar Hill Road, Stage, and Willcutt.  All trees to be removed are marked with blue ribbons.  Please keep in mind that the parameters for what trees should be removed may be different based on viewpoint of removing to protect electrical lines and service versus Town Shade Trees.  The Tree Warden has examined the trees and most of the marked trees have damage to either limbs or root structure.  Sometimes this damage is not fatal to the tree but does make it more susceptible to breaking under stress such as ice buildup or heavy wind.  The goal of this clearing effort is to help prevent future power outages.  The Tree Warden encourages residents concerned about any of the trees marked for removal to contact him at (413) 320-0931 or 296-4068.  It is not feasible to hold public hearings at this time due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.