Townwide Municipal Building Needs Survey

Participants at Town Meetings requested that a Town-wide survey be conducted to help determine the priority of addressing Town-owned buildings/property.  Here is some of the history that led to that request.  The Town contracted with Architect Roy Brown in 2018 to complete a feasibility study to determine if renovation or demolition would be most appropriate for the Davenport Town Office building and the Fire Station.  The study also considered whether either of those sites could be reused if the buildings were demolished.  The conclusion was that neither building was worth renovating.  Mr. Brown recommended that the Town Office building (old Davenport School) be demolished and concluded that the site could be used to accommodate both a new Town Office building and Public Safety Complex.  He noted that new buildings would guarantee less maintenance and operating cost.  However, the Public Safety Complex Committee still had concerns about using the property at the Davenport site.  The full Study can be viewed by opening the attachment on the Select Board page on the Town website. 

HCDC prepared the Town Municipal Building Needs Survey.  It has been mailed to each household in Chesterfield and is also available electronically from this link:

NOTE:  We were made aware that the mailing house used did not mail to addresses using a Williamsburg rural route or to West Chesterfield addresses.  Surveys were mailed to those additional addresses on October 28th.  Because of this, the end date to return the survey has been extended to November 10th.

HCDC will be collecting the surveys and compiling the results. 

Please complete the survey by November 10th.