Public Tree Hearing



Town of Chesterfield

Notice of Public Tree Hearing


Notice is hereby given pursuant to MGL c.87, §3 concerning the cutting of Public Shade Trees; a Public Tree Hearing will be held on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. starting at Bissell Road near Pole #6. The purpose of this Hearing is to allow public input regarding the proposed tree removals. Tree removal is requested due to the installation of power lines to a new home. The ten (10) trees are marked with blue ribbon and are various types ranging in size from 8” to 14”. They include: One-Cherry Tree-12”, Four Maple Trees (3 at 10” and 1 at 10” and Six Yellow Birch (2 at 8”, 1 at 10”, 1 at 12” and 1 at 14”.  For questions call the tree warden at 413-320-0931.



J.B.  Lynch, Chesterfield Tree Warden

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