Board Of Assessors

Chesterfield  Board of Assessors :

Ed Severance, Chair
Crystal Ames
Mary Anne Severance

Assessors Hours: Wednesdays (except holidays) 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Board of Assessors meet Mondays (except holidays) 7:00 – 8:00 PM (in the summer, Board meets every other week)

Contact us:

tel.  413-296-4010
fax   413-296-0199
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
mail:  PO Box 55, Chesterfield, MA  01012

Our office is in the Davenport School, 422 Main Rd, Chesterfield MA

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  • Actual Tax bills are mailed by January 1st each year. If you question your assessment, you have until January 31st to file for abatement (after Jan 31st you can no longer contest the value or tax for that fiscal year).

What to do:

  • Access your property record card (follow this link) Searchable Property Records and verify the information on it.  If everything is in order, then your tax bill will be accurate.
  • If you find an error, you can file an abatement application.  You can get an application from our office or download one here:
  • Return the form to the Assessor’s office no later than January 31st 
  • Pay your tax even if you think you will receive an abatement.  If you do receive an abatement, it will be credited toward your 4th quarter bill.

The Abatement process:

  • Applications must be received (or post marked) by no later than January 31st.
  • If your property requires a visit by our field consultant,  this visit will happen in later winter / early spring due to weather conditions (usually sometime in March). You will be notified as to when the visit will be.
  • Assessors meet and determine whether an abatement is warranted. 
  • Taxpayer is notified of the decision by mail.  If abatement is granted, the amount of tax due is adjusted on the 4th quarter bill, or a refund is made if the bill has already been paid.


In order to approve a MOTOR VEHICLE EXCISE TAX ABATEMENT, the state requires that the Assessors have on file documentation showing both the disposition of the vehicle and the disposition of the plates.

For disposition of the vehicle, we require one of the following:

  • a bill of sale signed by the purchaser (if the vehicle was sold or traded) 
  • a letter from your insurance company. (if the vehicle was stolen, or deemed a total loss in an accident) 
  • a receipt from towing company or charity (if the vehicle was junked or donated)
  • a copy of the registration in your new state (if you have moved)

(If you still own the vehicle, even if it is off-road, you do not qualify for abatement. Contact our office if another situation applies.)

For the disposition of the plates, we require either

  • a Plate Return (or Lost Plate) receipt (from the Registry of Motor Vehicles) or
  • a copy of the new registration, showing that the plates were transferred to another vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Abatement Applications may be gotten from the Assessor’s or download one here:

Completed applications and related documentation should be returned to the Assessors office in person or by mail.

  • State law requires that you pay the excise tax regardless of whether you are seeking abatement.  If the abatement is allowed, you will receive a refund.

When abatement is granted, excise bills are pro-rated by the month, depending upon the dates of disposition for both the vehicle and the plates (whichever is later).  Very few abatements are granted for the full amount of the tax.

  • The Assessors cannot abate interest or penalties, so if there are any due on your tax, you are still responsible for them.


Some exemptions for real property taxes are available for Seniors (over 70), Veterans, Blind Persons and Survivors of Veterans.  Forms and information can be gotten from our office or downloaded here:

Applications for exemption are due by March 31.  Previous recipients must re-apply each year.

Historical  Tax  Rates

Fiscal YearRate

1996   18.39

1997   19.15

1998   19.88 (reval)

1999   20.89

2000   21.49

2001   18.88 (reval)

2002   18.98

2003   20.12

2004   18.44 (reval)

2005   18.55

2006   14.23

2007   13.20 (reval)

2008   13.46

2009   13.89

2010   15.26 (reval)              

2011   16.15

2012   15.97

2013   17.99 (reval)

2014   18.44

2015   19.09

2016   18.76

2017   19.08

2018   19.64

2019   19.99 (reval)

2020   20.11



Property owners wishing to explore tax saving options for their undeveloped land can find information on Chapter 61, 61A and 61B at:

Applications and additional forms may be gotten from our office or downloaded from:

Property Owner’s Acknowledgement of Rights and Obligations under Classified Forest Land Program

Property Owner’s Acknowledgement of Rights and Obligations under Classified Agricultural or Horticultural Land Program

Property Owner’s Acknowledgement of Rights and Obligations under Classified Recreational Land Program